Dark Tantra

If deep surrender, mystery, bondage, domination, adventure and a touch of uncertainty turn you on – keep reading.

Dark tantra sessions offer you the ability to customize your session experience. These sessions allow you to experiment and gain mastery with the energies of dominance and submission which are present in every aspect of our lives.

Once you step into my temple, I will own you, guide you and make you feel truly alive. I will leave you no choice but to get out of your head and into your body where you can surrender completely.

Relinquish control and let me lead you on an expedition created by the energy that wants to be expressed. Drop into a trance and let the stress melt away as I take the lead.

Letting go is the ultimate power and I will demand your full surrender.

I will keep you on your edge and guessing with a twist of domination that is both sweet and sensual – and when you least expect it delightfully painful.

Joannes boudoir-6.jpg.jpg

I like to refer to this session as conscious kink. Each session is unique.

Your journey will be informed by our energy together, boundaries, your requests and my desires. We will begin with negotiation, agreement and consent.

You can ask for what you want with the understanding that you may get it - or you may not. This is, after all, your chance to give up control so you can discover something new.

Dark Tantra sessions offer a variety of ways to explore with a deeper level of intensity. Here you are invited to let go of all expectations and have some fun.

Once we get to know each other better, these sessions can evolve into rites of passage, ceremonies and rituals and play custom-tailored to your curiosity for exploration.

*Please note this does not involve sadistic or humiliating power play, as it is not in my pleasure. 

I offer sessions in New York and Philadelphia. Check out my calendar for my schedule.

Sessions and Tribute:

90 minutes: $650

2 hours: $850