Meet Olivia…

Offering services in Hudson Valley/Catskill Region & Philadelphia

Bondassage, Elysium, Sensual Massage & Dark Tantra


I am a spiritually erotic, awake and aware woman who can feel what you truly yearn for.

I am the modern embodiment of the ancient temple priestess and can take you to places within yourself you have never been.

I am a creatrix, a tantrika, and a muse and use my intuitive power to ignite the places within you that yearn for true freedom.

I am a teacher of the kind of knowledge they do not teach you in school.

I am a true courtesan and I take exquisite care of myself so I can take exquisite care of you. I am magic and I am real.

I draw from a deep well of feminine erotic wisdom….

I believe in the healing power of pleasure.

I believe life should be full of mischief.

I believe we all need exquisite attention.

I believe in generosity and kindness.

I believe that the erotic is holy.

I believe that a full sensual life is our birthright.

I believe in you.

I am safe and naughty.

I am gentle and bossy.

I will shower you with appreciation.

I will take you beyond what you know.

I will receive you completely.

I offer you sensation with heart.

When you are with me you will have my full attention.

I so got you.

For those of you visiting me at my temple in the Catskill Mountains, I invite you to escape the city and create a sacred getaway to relax and surrender in nature. The area has varied and stunning places to stay and eat that you can combine with a multiple session experience over several days.