Tea & Talk

If you prefer a slower start to your session, we can spend some time simply getting to know each other and have an extended talk about what you might want to get out of your session. Maybe you just need to download your day or share what’s been happening in your life. I am delighted to receive you.

Perhaps you prefer to linger after your session and digest what happened for you. Adding this at the completion of our time together allows us to take advantage of the powerful energy generated during our session.

If you have questions, concerns or simply want to share about your relationships, work or intimate life, I’ve had years of training and can support you in finding new insights.

I am smart, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent. I will receive and honor whatever you want to share without judgement, offer a new perspective or just listen. 

A Tea & Talk can be added at the beginning or end of a session for up to 1 hour. Due to my scheduling needs, time must be reserved in advance.

Sessions & Tribute:

30 minutes: $80

60 minutes: $160